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A good example being the 1970s 'gay' icons, The Village People.

E.g." I want you on your best behaviour when the vicar calls; any of your chelp and you'll be grounded for the week." [Midlands/Northern use. E.g."So what's the crack with this argument that you and Sonya have been having? E.g."Last night was a crack, especially with Mandy doing that drunken striptease." See 'good crack'. E.g."That film was boring, too long, and generally just total chuff." 2. Also used as a euphemism for 'fuck' in expressions such as the denial - "Did I chuff!

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An unruly, young person, typically wearing casual, brand-name sportswear, such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Chavs are generally viewed as an ignorant under-class with a propensity for criminal or loutish behaviour.

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