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Alex jones who is she dating

The right-wing show host is one of many white men in the world who are so hurt about being regular, they've decided they need to attack a successful brown girl just to get some recognition. This week, he was discussing the Grammys when he decided to go in on J.Lo's speech about artists banding together in a time of political turmoil.If there's one thing we're seeing too much of this week, it's irrelevant people spewing out craziness to get noticed.RELATED: Artist Nobody Ever Heard of Joy Villa Wears Dress to Grammys Supporting Trump Enter Alex Jones. Jones hosts a show on Info Wars where he comments on everyday topics from a conservative perspective.A panel of media analysts suggested on Sunday that NBC News host Megyn Kelly was the wrong person to take on fringe conspiracy theorist Alex Jones because the former Fox News host is not experienced conducting confrontational interviews.Host of CNN’s , Brian Stelter, pointed out during a Sunday panel discussion that some advertisers had asked for their ads to be pulled from Kelly’s Sunday night program featuring an interview with Jones.

Some thought we shouldn't broadcast this interview because his baseless allegations aren't just offensive, they're dangerous. Over the years, his You Tube channel has racked up 1.3 billion views. You will be very, very impressed I hope and I think we'll be speaking a lot. DONALD TRUMP: Big story, it's all over the place now - guys swimming across, and big bags of stuff, it's drugs, swimming across the river.ALEX JONES (May 22, 2017 You Tube video): A big bomb goes off at a pop star's rock concert bombing a bunch of liberal trendies. MEGYN KELLY: You have said that it's surreal to say something on Infowars and then hear it come out of the President of the United States' mouth a couple days later. The secretary says, "Donald Trump would like to talk to you, Mr. Yes, boom." MEGYN KELLY: WHILE JONES HAS BOASTED OF HIS CONTACT WITH THE PRESIDENT ON HIS RADIO SHOW, HE DOWNPLAYED IT IN HIS INTERVIEW WITH US, CLAIMING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, OR MSM, HAS EXAGGERATED THEIR CONNECTION. And those darker impulses are fed into by Alex Jones.MEGYN KELLY: You said, "It was a bunch of liberal trendies who were killed, the same people who are promoting open borders, bringing Islamists in. MEGYN KELLY: In response to which, many people looked at the victims, many of whom were 15, 14. ALEX JONES: I think my influence on Trump is way, way lower than what MSM has said. MEGYN KELLY: JONES SPEAKS TO HIS LISTENERS FOR HOURS A DAY, SIX DAYS A WEEK.Jones called the Kelly interview a "deep state production." Kelly's interview received high marks from media pundits. MEGYN KELLY: HE HAS SPENT NEARLY TWO DECADES ON THE FRINGE, SHOUTING HIS CONSPIRACY THEORIES INTO ANY MICROPHONE HE COULD GET IN FRONT OF. BUT JONES' INFLUENCE HIT NEW HEIGHTS WHEN HE ATTRACTED A VERY FAMOUS FAN: THEN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE DONALD TRUMP.NBC colleague Andrea Mitchell called it "solid journalism" and founder of the blog Mediaite Dan Abrams said it was "important journalism" Transcript, via NBC News' Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly: MEGYN KELLY: First tonight, our report on the incendiary radio host, Alex Jones. DONALD TRUMP (On Alex Jones’ show December 2, 2015): I just want to finish by saying your reputation is amazing. TRUMP APPEARED ON JONES' RADIO PROGRAM, OFFERING PRAISE AND PROMISES.

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And I also had family that was educated, so, I mean, I just knew how things actually worked, versus what the news was saying sometimes. decided to come out and lie about their dead children? MEGYN KELLY: OF COURSE, THERE IS NO "EVIDENCE ON THE OTHER SIDE." AFTER PRESIDENT TRUMP TOOK OFFICE, THE NEWTOWN BOARD OF EDUCATION WROTE TO HIM, IMPLORING THE PRESIDENT TO TRY TO STOP JONES AND OTHER HOAXERS LIKE HIM, SAYING JONES CONTINUES TO SPREAD HATE AND LIES TOWARDS OUR TOWN.

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