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Bourdain opened up about his relationship with Ottavia in an interview with the New Yorker for a story that was published just last week.He was interviewed for the story while shooting his biggest episode to date in Hanoi, Vietnam with President Barack Obama.So, I just published the official canon “Part 4: Rachel and Ariane go to the Top Club” that is shorter and less complicated than the draft I released prematurely last winter and ends on a nice little cliff hangar.I also updated parts 1 and 2, correcting grammar and spelling errors.The actress and Bourdain's ex-wife are near look-alikes and both hail from Italy.

Keeping the material “online” makes everything a lot simpler.

After thinking long and hard about the narrative problem, I decided that the story works better in serial rather than in parallel.

So path 1 will be the only path, and path 2 will be rewritten to be tacked on to the end, and the incomplete path 3 will either end the story, or take it in a new direction.

The “game” version was just the same story but presented in a different format that emphasizes the pictures.

I was planning on putting it into game form because online you cannot view the full size art work properly.

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People seem to be under the impression that this game was going to be all new.