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This information, in conjunction with other evidence and data, will inform the development of the National Disability Strategy.

© Commonwealth of Australia [2009} This work is copyright.

But the absence of an issue or idea in a submission does not indicate that the issue is not important to the submitter, only that they did not choose to write about it.

This report should not be read in isolation, nor will it be the only source of data to inform the development of the National Disability Strategy.

We are particularly interested in the solutions and creative ideas summarised in this report and the ideas that have come from people who live with disability.

We welcome this report and would like to thank the many people who attended public forums and focus groups and took the time and effort to write submissions, despite their busy lives.

Nor should the analysis be read as representative of all Australians with disabilities, because participants and respondents were self-selected.

We are investing over billion in funding over five years for specialist disability services through the National Disability Agreement, representing a significant growth in funding compared to previous agreements.The submissions contain the ideas and thoughts of those who chose, or who were able, to provide a submission, and there may be other individuals, groups or government bodies that did not respond but may have other ideas or experiences.The guidelines for submissions as set out in the consultation discussion paper were broad, which permitted discussion of a wide range of ideas, issues and solutions.Many said they face a constant struggle to obtain what the rest of the community would consider to be an ordinary life.They do not want special treatment—they just want the barriers removed so they can get on with living.

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Any views and recommendations of third parties contained in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commonwealth, or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action.

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