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The document describes various Llanganates landmarks which will lead one to the treasure.

On his death, Valverde bequeaths the document to King Charles V of Spain.

But their leader, a Franciscan monk named Father Longo, mysteriously vanishes one night. In the late 1700s, a miner named Don Atanasio Guzmán, who worked the old Inca mines in the Llanganates, manages to draft a detailed treasure map.

But before he can claim his prize he too disappears in the mountains. 1860 when a British botanist named Richard Spruce, while doing research in the archives at Latacunga, stumbles upon Valverde’s Derrotero, and the map drawn by Guzman.

Spruce publishes this information in the Journal of Royal Geographical Society in 1860.

This article, entitled Notes of a Botanist on the Amazon and Andes, rekindles the treasure fever.

This was a classic case of killing the golden goose.

Situated at an altitude between 1,200 and 4,512 meters, with temperatures ranging between 5 to 24 degrees centigrade; It rains, sleets, or snows so frequently that thick cloud banks shroud the volcanic peaks of the Langanates throughout most of the year.According to legend, the treasure lies somewhere in the the Llanganates Mountain Range.Today this area is encompassed by the Llangantes National Park.Deep in the remote mountains of central Ecuador, the largest undiscovered treasure in Latin America waits to be found.This ancient horde of Inca gold comes complete with a vengeful curse, multiple treasure maps and a trail of dead adventurers.

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She is said to have led him to the treasure, because Valverde becomes unaccountably wealthy and returns to Spain, supposedly having removed only a small amount from the hoard.