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Shy guys are pretty hard to figure out, unsurprisingly.

That probably means he's super embarrassed that you caught him looking at you and doesn't know how to deal... If it happens a lot, it's a good sign that he's staring at you for a reason.If you are ready to flirt with someone, you should already know you are sexually attracted to them, and like them!It might seem nerve-wracking to start flirting and put yourself out there, but fear not—it's normal to be nervous around someone you really like, and there are ways to seem confident and pull off a successful flirtation.I'm shy, but when I'm with people I'm comfortable with (like my friends), I open up a lot and can be really outgoing. Source: Shutter Stock A shy guy will most likely be intimidated by you, and that might make them afraid to approach you, talk to you or flirt with you.You can get a vibe of when someone is intimidated by you, so pay attention to his body language, and again, notice how he is with other people. It doesn't ALWAYS mean he's into you, but usually a guy isn't nervous around a girl he's not at least a little interested in.

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  1. I asked him if he has any doubts finish it now and we will go our separate ways but he says he's found what he looking for. Anyway never met up for another date and because someone else I knew on the site (female) came between us and did a bit of stirring.