Dating old buildings

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Dating old buildings

This consciously excludes ruins of limited height, roads and statues.

Bridges may be included if they otherwise fulfill the above criteria.

Briefing What do we really know about any building? Focus on the big picture: owners, occupants, and shifts of cultural scenery.

This includes the year it was built, names of the architect and builder, the materials used, the cost to build, additions and changes over time. Corroboration Gathering facts that confirm (or refute) the theories generated by Investigation.

Methuselah Methuselah is a bristlecone pine, and the world's oldest living thing.

His growth rings document nearly 47 centuries of survival.

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The tree-ring patterns are matched, and laid down in series, building a continuous timeline of known dates.

However, only a small percentage are sufficiently well preserved for them to be included here and some of those that could be remain undated.

As there are relatively few structures from the latter half of the first millennium AD and a significant number from the 12th century, the latter group is placed in a sub-list.

There is also a supplementary list of qualifying structures for which no confirmed date of construction is available and a short listing of substantial prehistoric structures that are not buildings as defined above. The oldest remains include a double beehive cell and a grave associated with the mother of Columba.

These are the oldest extant church buildings in Scotland and possibly Britain.

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