Dating racoon carcass

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Hunters and their dogs can be exposed to infectious diseases not only from infected animals, but also via insect vectors and contaminated soil and water.

Diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans, either through direct contact with the animal or a contaminated surface or water, through ingestion of animal products (including meat and milk) or through insect transmission from an animal are called zoonotic (pronounced ZO-oh-NOT-ik or zoo-NOT-ik) diseases.

The investigators did not determine if any of the people had become ill as a result of the virus.

Tick-borne diseases pose a hazard to both hunters and their dogs.Lead poisoning is a known cause of death in birds of prey, and certain states and hunting areas no longer allow the use of lead ammunition when hunting certain game.For regulations, consult the state's wildlife department. Anaplasmosis is a tick-borne disease caused by the ).It can be difficult to distinguish anaplasmosis from Lyme disease because the signs of disease are very similar and they occur in essentially the same areas of the country.As with all tick-borne diseases, preventing tick bites is essential to preventing the disease.

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The risk may be based on the amount and frequency of game consumption.

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