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Eventually, as the borders to northern Europe clanged shut, over 62,000 migrants found themselves "stranded" (in the nomenclature of the United Nations' International Organization for Migration) in Greece.

Unable to reach their destinations of choice, they could not find work or sympathy in a Greece going through economic crisis, and they refused to return to Turkey.

Given the centrality of Turkey to both the Syrian conflict and to the deeper issue of NATO's mission (does it fight Islamism as it once did communism?

No, it's not about getting member states to fulfill agreed-upon spending levels on defense. Created in 1949, NATO's founding principles ambitiously set out the alliance goal "to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of [member states'] peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law." In other words, the alliance exists to defend Western civilization.

Comments:(1) The very term "national capital" implies that the national government decides its capital. Continue Reading ATHENS – As Western states prove incapable of deporting their millions of illegal migrants – the current crisis features Italy – authorities in Greece have found a surprising and simple way to convince them to take the long route back home.

The migration crisis simmered in Greece at about 10,000 illegals arriving a year.

Arguably, they are even more pressing, far-reaching, and denied more than in the better-known countries. Not only does Italy's famous boot stick prominently into the Mediterranean Sea, making the country a tempting target for sea-borne illegal migrants, but Italian territory reaches into North Africa: the small island of Lampedusa, population 6,000, lies just 70 miles (113 km) off the coast of Tunisia and 184 miles (300 km) from Libya.

In 2016, 181,000 migrants entered Italy, nearly all of them illegal, nearly all by sea.

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