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Dating sites in polokwane

No burials with gold had been discovered elsewhere, therefore it has been accpted that an aristocracy was living on top of Mapungubwe Hill.Further archaeological evidence confirms this, and changes that took place socially, politically and culturally started the processes that led to the beginning of the system of divine kingship evident at Great Zimbabwe.We can be certain that the ruler lived up here, as it is not accepted in such a manner that commoners would look down upon his residence. Evidence of the existence of the leader is non-existent and of other early villages, this is indicative of the fact that the ruler now has other priorities to which he must attend and can no longer be bothered by ordinary problems.Unless his advisors and councillors could not solve the problems, people wishing to see him would first have to get past all these officials before being granted and audience.The Greater Mapungubwe Heritage Route starts at Louis Trichardt (Makhado) and dates back about 1 000 years.

It is generally accepted that the main way up to the top of the hill was through the court, and that there were several guards whose duty it was to limit access to the top of the hill, thus ensuring that the king was not disturbed.

It has a flatcrown vertical wreathe of some 30 meters high.

The hill itself has an elongated shape, with 80 metre high cliffs surrounding the greater part of its periphery.

South Africa,s rainbow culture shows in the incredible diversity between these new provinces, almost like separate countries within a country, each one unique with its own characteristics and dynamics.

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It ends amongst the largest colony of Cape vultures in South Africa at the Blouberg Nature Reserve.

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