Dating someone with kid

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Dating someone with kid

(the concerns about introducing a new SO typically include dual sides; of a child being worried that you have someone new to take your attention/love away from them; AND independently, of someone to replace their other parent, if that's applicable). In my particular case both parents are still heavily involved but this would be applicable for both of us as we are both entering the dating world.

At the same time, kids should be involved in any decision that will affect them; to tell your kids, ‘we’re engaged,’ when they don’t even know the prospective spouse is just cruel." Don't wait too long to determine the seriousness of the relationship either.If your potential partner can’t respect that, or they are lousy with kids, then kick them to the curb.You are a parent first.” Your child is 3 years old, prime age for beginning to form opinions on any and every topic.You’ve just wasted months of your life and your emotional investment in a person.” My advice also would never be to introduce anyone you're not exclusive with.If you're still seeing the other parent of the child on a regular basis, they may have something to say about your choice of partner and may cause friction in the relationship that you wouldn't want to expose your child to.

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The interaction with the kids will help you decide if he/she is worth another step toward commitment.

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