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Datingindustryinsider com

I'm certain fake profiles would surface on almost all of them.Sure, there have are instances of people meeting successfully on an online dating site and falling madly in love.But the identity of celebrity cheaters (or your neighbor down the street) isn't the only thing being found.It turns out that of the dating sites using fake profiles, Ashley Madison is a big culprit.That shouldn't be a surprise, since it's a website targeted at people who want to cheat on their spouses.Data analyst Jishai Evers, the CEO of the data-driven journalism website Dadaviz, says it's not only that "users are lying" but also that "Ashley Madison created fake accounts, or didn't do much to stop others creating fake accounts" that makes the data problematic.

Dadaviz did do a lot of work to filter out fake email addresses, especially when looking at government and military addresses and so Evers says those numbers should be quite accurate.

Truthfully, the only reason Ashley Madison is under fire for being one of the dating sites using fake profiles (aside from their position on fidelity in marriage) is because people hacked into their customer database and are combing through their user profiles.

I'd love to see what would happen if some of the mainstream dating sites had their user profile data looked over with a microscope the way Ashley Madison's profile data is currently being scrutinized.

Sorry, but online dating sites don't want you to find love.

People everywhere are combing through the Ashley Madison data looking for names they know.

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In 2011 he wrote that within days of joining he had chat sessions with 33 different women (he wonders), three of whom he eventually met.

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  2. The best news of all is that, according to Reuters, has said its early investigations revealed “no live combinations of usernames and passwords which match existing emails.” If that turns out to be true in general, it’s a reasonable guess that the stolen data is either out-of-date or concocted.

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