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Guided Games and clan integration is like us saying we heard you and we believe this is the best possible integration of this idea.

It may not be exactly what you asked for, but it's exactly what you wanted.

Bungie has held since the beginning that this is due to the fact that they believe the most trying activities in the game require like-minded players to be grouped up before going in.

That meant a lot of folks were unable to enjoy some of the game's best content and, to combat that, will offer both Clan support and a feature they're calling Guided Games, where solo players can find a group on the lookout for someone to fill an extra slot.

If a teammate is defeated, their partner is "infused with the power of a Broken Heart," and the opponent will be able to draw their weapons faster and have max recovery.

players aren't heartbroken in real life that they have no one to play with, two Reddit users took the suggestion and created a Tinder-like clone that does just that.

As such, these sites are nowhere near the scale of mainstream alternatives like Ok Cupid or Tinder.Once that's done, a solo player looking to run said Raid might come across your group and decide to tag along.As Bakken puts it, you can either have a good time as a group and then go your separate ways, or maybe you'll decide to join the group's Clan and become a more active member.If there's one thing people take away from the presentation and what we're showing of Destiny 2, that fans helped guide us to, it's Guided Games and clan integration. We at Bungie failed when there were pieces of content that you could not play because you didn't have a full Fireteam.Whether it was a full team to play Raids, or Trials or the Nightfall, we knew that just turning on matchmaking was not going to give players the experience they wanted, even though they were begging for it.

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We think this sounds like a pretty fantastic compromise, basically bringing the "looking for group" community into the game itself while adding some personal touches that make the experience a little less slapdash and random.