Doctors dating uk

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Doctors dating uk

The new draft maintains that doctors should not use their professional position to pursue relationships, but acknowledges that there might times when dating an ex-patient is permissible - something not covered by the 2001 guidelines.

The draft advises: "If exceptional circumstances arise in which social contact with a former patient leads to the possibility of a sexual relationship beginning, you must give careful consideration to the nature and circumstances of the relationship." Doctors should ask themselves whether they and the ex-patient may be continuing a relationship based on emotional dependency, reflecting the imbalance of the previous professional relationship.

GLADD is the UK's only organisation that unites and represents LGBT doctors and dentists from all over the country.

We open our membership to anyone who supports the values and constitution that GLADD stands for. Major UK organisations have been working against Conversion Therapy for a number of years, publishing a Memorandum of Understanding against the practice (2015) and updating the document to warn against conversion therapy in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation (including asexuality). GLADD and the BMA have teamed up to look at the experiences of homophobic and biphobic discrimination by doctors and medical students.

"Illustrative examples of what is appropriate and what isn't would help here," said a spokeswoman.

"Should I be in a position where I was looking for a partner, a vast proportion of the local population would be people who at one time or another have been 'my patient' however tenuously or briefly." Many of the respondents said it was hard to generalise and that each case should be judged individually.

Some criticised the guidance for not being precise enough.

Stating that pursuing a sexual relationship would "usually" be inappropriate might be capable of deliberate misinterpretation by the disreputable, said one respondent. Others suggested a precise waiting or cooling-off period could be recommended in the guideline to ensure a suitable gap between the end of the professional relationship and the beginning of a personal relationship.

Good faith The Royal College of General Practitioners said some practical interpretation might be needed.

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" Another said: "There are of course many patients who do not need to be protected and who themselves are capable of considering the facts and deciding whether they wish to pursue a relationship with a doctor who treated them at some time in the past." 'Impractical' A member of the public said: "I always assumed that it was perfectly okay for a doctor to date a former patient.