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Free live deer sex cam

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A fawn born in June can reach 100 pounds by winter; one born in August will have a hard time reaching 50.

Still sporting their spots in October as they try to develop their winter coats, the deck is stacked heavily against these late fawns.

A six-year-old whitetail doe can easily become a great-great-grandmother, and she can continue to produce fawns each year until she is ten years old.

Most deer in New Hampshire and Vermont are born in early summer, and they reach sexual maturity when they are little more than a year old.

Over the course of the following three weeks, almost every doe in the twin states will go into estrus, and, amazingly enough, considering the brief window of opportunity, the great majority of them (over 90 percent) will be bred.All of this hormonal action comes to fruition around the end of October, when the first does will come into heat.The peak of conception typically occurs the third week of November, followed by very diminished breeding activity into early December.In autumn, the pituitary gland is stimulated into reproductive function by the gradual shortening of the length of time it is exposed to light relayed by the optic nerves.The pituitary regulates the hormones responsible for the bucks’ sperm production and the does’ ovulation.

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