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T is for tomboy, P is for 'laopuo' –- you know, wife –- and H means like, 'bufen', or versatile.

I sometimes get really inappropriate photos, by the way. Within Chinese circles, you have the three letters.

Her particular area of expertise is in the prosecution and defence of serious sexual violence and child abuse cases.

But sometimes they think, ‘Oh, I can push it more because she’s a lesbian anyway’. The former was so desperate to keep her family in power that she slept with her brother in order to produce true Lannister heirs.It's a similar story with the Targaryens, whose famous silver blonde hair is a result of incest dating back years, as they tried to keep their dragon blood pure. But I think in a smaller city, in the middle of China, it’s much more difficult [to be out]. Linda: I think, if you’re talking about Shanghai, it’s a place where people think –- as long as it’s not in my backyard. Also, I think what happens is people still think that it’s just a phase, that it’s something you will grow out of.

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Although an official air date has not been confirmed for season eight, fans are already speculating on what the future will hold for the warring characters.