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Professionally Kris Beeble is a jewelry designer who loves to work primarily with glass.Check the National Geographic Channel schedule for times.The trivia about Beeble is that she has not attended any professional courses to learn about glass art or making jewelry items out of glass.Some of the most famous and unique designs which have been appreciated by her admirers include the domed universe ring, the Glimpse of the Universe ring, and the Galactic crystal trigonal glass chandelier ear rings.Tsoukalos’ wife prefers not to be under the spotlight hence she maintains a very calm profile.

Last May, the National Geographic Channel contacted Legendary Times to participate in an interview for a segment on their "Is it Real?

I received an invitation and it looks like that Student I.

(Picture from Krix Beeble’s Facebook) If you are an enthusiast of aliens, UFOs and the much debated ancient astronaut theory, you would certainly be aware of the name of Giorgio A.

January and she is a perfect Capricorn when it comes to her personal tastes and choices.

Some of her favorite music bands or music performers include Steven Wilson, Sage Francis, Patrick Jorgensen, and Sido, among many others.

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