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The abusive nature of her relationship with Johnson, the death of her father, disapproval of her interracial marriage and a history of depression all likely contributed to Duryea’s decision to kill herself in September 1912.

Poplar’s brother did support the relationship, however. Maya Angelou married Enistasious Tosh Angelos in 1951, Lorraine Hansberry married Robert Nemiroff in 1953, and in March 1967, just months before the U. Supreme Court lifted the ban on interracial marriage, Alice Walker married Melvyn Lowenthal.

Johnson and Pineau lived much of their marriage in Europe.

They remained a couple until the boxer’s death in a car accident in 1946.

Rhinelander, 21 at the time of his marriage, had suffered from anxiety and met Jones during a hospital stay.

“Initially he was just dallying with a servant, as was an aristocrat’s long-established privilege, but then affection had bloomed, and then everlasting true love,” the reported in a recap of the scandal in 1999.

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The marriage disintegrated after just a year in part because Wright felt that his wife expected to him provide a lavish lifestyle her.

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