Lebanon chatrandom

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Lebanon chatrandom

Later this year, they will present a solo exhibition at Company Gallery, New York, and will also be published in the upcoming anthology Best British Poetry 2015.

His current research focuses – through video, installation, sculpture and furtive interventions – on the body as both an archive and a territory, as a utopia to be reimagined through different strategies of resistance.

Hempton asks random men if she can paint them, and then, brush in one hand and typing with the other, she depicts as much of the on-screen feed as the subject’s patience – or arousal – allows.

To see and be seen: this aspect of Chatrandom is compulsive, trance-like and occasionally aggressive.

Initially, she wanted to paint his erection, but this required him to watch pornography while he posed – ‘which put me in an interesting position’, she tells me – so she eventually asked him to flip onto his front.

Though the foregrounding of male buttocks carries cultural baggage, the sexual inflection of this particular presentation of the body is, in some sense, incidental.

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Recent solo exhibitions include “The Female Gaze, Part Two: Women Look At Men”, Cheim & read, New York, USA (2016); “Prediction” cur.

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