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Loquito dating profiles

DC Comics/Faberry&Brittana Rachel Berry is bullied for many things but after a fortunate run-in with Second in Command Cheerio Santana Lopez, things might start to look up. P Rachel, Friends-with-Benefits Pezberry and Endgame Brittana & Faberry. This story is inspired by the song 'The Rock Show' by Blink 182 Rated M for language and later content Quinn & Rachel found themselves lost in a Gay Town, penniless and away from the Glee club. With help only arriving 8 days later, can they survive with just each other? Eternal glory awaits the student who wins tournament, but to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Rating might change to M in future chapters Rachel is a young unfulfilled teacher who is in an unsatisfactory relationship with a married man. Please review :)Or "Even As A Cheerio, Rachel is Overly Dramatic" Originally written for Faberry Week Day 4: Nerd! Mindless Drabble which has since spiraled out of control and turned a bit cracky. Shes famous, fabulous, and has the hottest boyfriend in history. Quinn tries to teach Rachel and falls madly in love. Rachel Berry , Basketball star, well known player, and a lesbian. Quinn Fabray is a transfer student and soccer player, from London, England, in Columbia University, and he and Rachel Berry have some obvious feelings for each other. Quinn is convinced that Santana is cheating on Rachel but Rachel doesn't believe it and she wouldn't care since she is doing the same thing but only emotionally Faberry/Brittana slight pezberry if you squint After Rachel's life turns upside down, what will Quinn do to make it right? Rachel is a diva who has given her heart to no one. It's not unpleasant, but that fact may have to do with their mingling with the essence of Quinn more than anything else. Who just so happens to be his father's girlfriend's daughter. And what happens when both girls realize they're no longer pretending? On the day of her birth a curse was placed on Princess Quinn.She suddenly finds herself drawn to one of her female pupils. Quinn and Rachel have been best friends since kindergarten who eventually fall in love. Welcome to Mc Kinley High, home to the only American school to have African were! There are lions to peacocks and warthogs in between. Quinn and her self-control when around a special some one. But, when a mugging goes arwy will a teenage girl lead her to her True Love and show her the True Happiness she has been missing out on? Spends every summer every year at a popular sports camp, Camp High Wayer. de G3n3ral Redfield Quinn Fabray está empezando su séptimo año en Hogwarts , como si no fuese suficiente con mantener a Santana bajo control , capitanear el equipo de Quidditch, tenía que enamorarse de la nueva alumna de Gryffindor . Rated M for course language, mentions of/ usage of drugs, and sexual content. Feelings that Quinn never thought she would feel against start to resurface and they're for the tiny diva. Several years later her hope for a cure has all but diminished, but her best friend Rachel isn't about to give up. She looks over to see Rachel standing in amongst the guests, tears filling her eyes."That you've been dreaming of this moment," she said, and Fleur Delacour was suddenly rendered speechless as Hermione sighed. Therefore, you are allowed to totally crush on hotty coffee over there." She said gesturing to Elsa. Quinn takes her child to see the Sound of Music, unaware of who the star of the show is. Will they separate or become closer than ever before? Will Quinn finally deal with her feelings and accept that Rachel isn't just a nerd to her? Rachel, a Broadway star who is too much of a diva for anyone else & Quinn, the ultimate Ice Queen on any movie set or TV Show she is working on. What nobody expected was that this kiss was worth a million dollars. fic.pulling off a stunt to try to impress Finn, only to have him break up with Rachel, sends her into insecurity mode. A plan that brings Rachel and Quinn together in more ways than one. Will she be able to stay on track or will her past continue to drag her down? Either way, Rachel tries and tries again to get the new Quinn Fabray to join Glee Club, but is she willing to accept to Quinn's terms just to keep the club together? But that never stopped her from being who she was, or falling in love with a certain blonde cheerleader. Her only joy is singing, until Quinn comes along, a French runaway, dressed as a boy and working on a ship. The year is 1587 and it is a year that two young women will never forget. Found on tumblr - Anna is a pizza delivery girl and she delivers pizza to the same house to the same tall and fair stranger whom is the most gorgeous woman she has ever seen. Un aviso en el periódico cambiará la vida de la familia Berry, cuando una sofisticada e inglesa rubia de ojos ámbar aparezca en su puerta, siendo ésta el cuarto miembro de la familia FABERRY. Third Part of the "Ew" verse, following "Kisses Are for Boyfriends...

When Rachel claimed Quinn as her slave she hoped that would be their happy ending. Can they keep their sanity and blossoming romance intact amidst all the chaos and drama of creating a Hollywood blockbuster? Quinn knows she's not like all the other kids, but all she really wants is to belong. Can Rachel make her feel loved and possibly help her discover where she came from? Shue's absence to work on the song list for Nationals. After a horrible year in the New Directions, Rachel decides to quit. ¿Podrán sus vidas funcionar cuando sus mundos colicionen? Rachel es una súcubo que no sabe realmente lo que es y viaja de una ciudad a otra, escapando de los crímenes que comete a base de su naturaleza.But, what happens when they have a concert in Lima, Ohio the place they said they would never face again and see the one that broke their hearts.(They are now 18 and live in UK with there parents)Rachel Barbra Corcoran a la edad de 28 años se tomo al fin un descanso de su vida en Broadway , penso que tendria unas vaciones inolvidables al estar en las hermosas playas de Las Bahamas y todo se vueve mas interesante cuando conoce a uno jovencita peculiar. P ESTOY PUBLICANDO DE NUEVO LA HISTORIA DEBIDO A PROBLEMAS DE IDENTIDAD CORREO YO ERA CHARLIE21AGRONFemslash. Well Santana won't just let Rachel back talk her, oh no. *on hiatus*Quinn has just graduated from Yale and doesn't know what to do with her life. The boy is not very bright, however, and the spell ricochets around the hall and hits Quinn. Rachel and Santana are master thieves and Quinn..Puck are the detectives trying to catch them.Quinn Fabray, es el prototipo de chica perfecta en la ciudad de Lima, Ohio, pero conocerá a una hermosa Skater que cambiara todos sus esquemas, que pasara con ellas? Historia narrada desde el punto de vista de Quinn Quinn Fabray, Brooke Davis, and Caroline Forbes are the head bitches in charge at Mc Kinley high. through the eyes (and maybe ears) of their three closest but very nosy friends. Quinn puts her quest to find herself on hold in order to figure out the suddenly more mysterious Rachel Berry. So who protects Rachel when the Latina goes too far? She goes to NYC on a whim and tries to see what she can find. Unfortunately, the spell was mispronounced and instead of shrinking, it causes Quinn to grow a sizable g! Mortified, she flees the hallway and locks herself in the locker room. It is a hot, sticky summer when Quinn Fabray, Rachel's ex, decides to tag-along with Noah on his visit to the Berries. Rachel/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, other less important Glee pairings will appear throughout as well.She didn't knew that Quinn's untamed nature and a slave rebellion would have changed their lives forever WARNINGS: Claimed sequel, BDSM, quinn! Rachel's voice drew people to her, but her voice is also deadly. Sequel to Til the Stars Go Blue While attending camp the summer before season three, Rachel is attacked by a supernatural being, it's a good thing that she is saved by another supernatural being before they were able to kill her. *R/R* Enjoy Brittany, Rachel, Mike, Sam, Artie, Blaine, and Puck are all famous and they form the group Many But 1(MB1). But what happens when three Cheerios decide to use their time to bully the brunette? After a summer of none of her friends hearing from her, she's back- But something's different ? AUQuinn comes out to her parents, but their reaction doesn't really meet her expectations, and suddenly, se finds herself trapped by an unexpected (and kinda crazy) Cupid.. (4 chapters) AURachel Berry siempre habia sonado con su principe azul. Pero en esta nueva ciudad, sin querer, encontrará las respuestas que siempre ha estado buscando, conocerá a un par de humanos que le enseñaran el valor de la amistad y a una loba solitaria que le mostrará el amor.They say when you hear the song of the Siren it is beautiful, but at the end of that song there is death. At the age of 16 they all experieced heartbreak from the ones they love most. Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly. And what if Rachel is fed up with the bullying and explodes? Faberry story told from Quinn's point of view Now a high school graduate, and no longer trapped within the conservative walls of Mc Kinley High or the borders of Lima, Ohio, Quinn has vowed to herself to make up for her past behavior by making Rachel's birthday unforgettable. uno como el de los cuentos de hadas que sus padres le leian al dormir, un principe guapo y talentoso pero con Quinn Fabray descubrio que no todas las historias de amor tienen un principe azul algunas veces te enamoras de quien menos lo imaginas. Rachel Barbra Corcoran a la edad de 28 años se tomo al fin un descanso de su vida en Broadway , penso que tendria unas vaciones inolvidables al estar en las hermosas playas de Las Bahamas y todo se vueve mas interesante cuando conoce a uno jovencita peculiar. PFinn tries to cast a spell at Puck intended to shrink the size of his penis.

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Rachel Berry's world is about to be turned upside down when one of Hollywood's most sought-after young actresses, Quinn Fabray, abruptly and mysteriously leaves her fame behind, moves to Ohio and tries to have a normal life while attending Mc Kinley High. Quinn, Rachel, Brittany and Santana are all friends. Quinn and Santana are rommates in their sophmore year of college dating Finn and Puck. However, when Quinn meets Rachel, a freshman to the college, she can't control her emotions. As for Santana, she does her best to control her feelings and by dodging a very persistant Brittany. Contains girlpenis and is mildly dubconish due to Rach being lightly buzzed (on alcohol). Ryan Berry and Quinn Fabray have been in a established relationship for years. Rachel and Quinn, from 6 to 16, from strangers, to friends, to lovers in 4 chapters.