One on one clean chat

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Niko is less than impressed with the mansion, to say the very least.

The voice prompt will let you know which program has been selected.Look for the colored number/letter combination on the tubing (RED=RIGHT EAR, BLUE=LEFT EAR).If you are unable to see the red and blue letter/number combination on the tubing, hold up your Clarity Chat with the tubing and dome attached as illustrated.Remove the dome tip from the thin tubing, insert the wire end of the cleaning tool, and twist in a circular motion.For optimal performance replace the dome tip every 3 months.

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If the dome is pointing to the right, it is intended for your left ear If the dome is pointing to the left, it is intended for your right ear While holding the Clarity Chat in place, insert the dome tip into your ear canal, and curl/tuck the retention loop along the body of your ear.

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