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'At Lidl, we are proud to offer our customers everyday low prices throughout the year.

'This is reflected in the most recent Grocer 33 results, which show that a full weekly shop at Lidl is between £5 to £17 cheaper than the other supermarkets featured in the same comparison.' The show also looked at several other branded products on Lidl's shelves like Cadbury Twirl bars, Maltesers, Peanut M&Ms, Minstrels and Snickers and found them all at better value for money at regular prices and not on promotional offers at other supermarkets.

So Scott split from America and traveled through Southeast Asia, ultimately winding up in Japan, playing in a Hindu temple and getting hip to Lord Krishna.

“Music and meditation are two aspects of the same phenomenon,” wrote Indian mystic and guru Osho.

“Without music, meditation lacks something; without music, meditation is a little dull, unalive.” To our ears, dull meditation music is not all that enlightening either, even if it’s functional when playing at the spa or at your next Bikram yoga class.

It's explained that retailers can ask manufacturers for any size and any quantity they want in their multi-packs, which is why there are different ones available across all supermarkets.

Explaining the differences, consumer expert Ratula Chakraborty, from University of East Anglia, said: 'A retailer has an enormous arsenal of resources.'They are researching us consumers to know how to seduce us.

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