Polish free sexchat

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Polish free sexchat

He is not a visionary but an ignorant, sadistic man at best.

From his first voyage on, Columbus sent indigenous human beings back to Spain to be sold as slaves.

As a matter of fact ever since he landed on these shores, the ideas and practices he brought and the legacy he left behind has produced nothing but more death and destruction.

There’s a reason why Columbus gets his own day, and even other colonial figures don’t.

We are not as civilized as we like to think we are.

Celebrating his disgusting behavior is an embarrassment and is why we declare that we completely reject Columbus Day and reject EVERYTHING that came from him.

Columbus Day is celebrated as a patriotic holiday for that reason.

For these reasons, Columbus is not worth being celebrated in any way shape or form.

The fact that it’s not shows how barbaric our society really is.Since 1492 we’ve been suffering because of this shit and we refuse to put up with it any longer.This is why we need to take this colonial legacy DOWN, from the statues to the system it created.Nope, it’s not because he discovered this land per se, many others set foot on Turtle Island way before Columbus ever did. Columbus day is celebrated because Columbus discovered and essentially founded AMERICA, as in the American system that we currently live under.His colonial legacy provided the ground basis for the current economic and state system we still live with today.

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How much longer are we gonna put up with oppression because of a man who died over 200 years ago?

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