Radcaptcha not validating

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Other controls that have client-side validation will warn user of errors without posting the page back to the server which means your Rad Captcha wont validate at that point.

This may give the appearance that your Rad Captcha validation is not working. Blue Canyon Hi Glenn, You can validate the Rad Captcha via a custom Rad Text Box and give an ASP Required Field Validator to the particular Rad Text Box to prevent the postback if it is empty.

To make client-side processing easier, Bot Detect exposes a client-side Regardless of the underlying server-side Bot Detect Captcha implementation (ASP. NET MVC Applications, or other), Ajax Captcha validation will always use the Bot Detect client-side interface.

Finally, since a new Captcha image is shown on each page load and each Captcha code can only be validated once (regardless of the validation result), the user input should always be cleared after Captcha validation. NET Session state configuration, and Bot Detect tag prefix registration. NET 4.0 source has no essential differences from the Visual Studio 2013 / Visual Studio 2012 / . In most real use cases, you will only show a new Captcha if the user didn't solve the previous one correctly, and execute the protected code fragment (user registration, comment recording, etc.) if the Captcha was solved correctly. If you redirect the user to a different page upon successful Captcha completion, it might be a good idea to set a Session variable with the Captcha solving result (for example, ) and check it on those subsequent pages (redirecting back to the Captcha page if it's not set). NET Basic Captcha example project is installed at: The Visual Studio 2008 / . I tied the requiredfieldvalidator to the hidden textbox. Hello Glenn, Usually the validated textbox gets cleared after the postback, so it is strange that this happens even before the Required Field Validator validates the input.I would suggest checking if there is a custom client-side script that clears the textbox before validation.

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Remember that the Rad Captcha does NOT have client-side validation like many of the other controls on your page.

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