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Many relationships have problems or end because one of the partners is too needy or too “clingy.” Being needy is one of the most unattractive qualities in a man from a woman’s perspective, because it suggests that the guy is lacking confidence and might not have a life, among other things, and therefore he is being so clingy to that one person – her – depending on her to make him happy.Some people, who are inquisitive enough to reflect on their own behavior, realize that they are clingy and start thinking about how they can address their behavior in present or future relationships.A great relationship should motivate you to study and work hard, and a great job / school program would turn you into a more interesting and successful person, who is more attractive to the opposite sex in general and to your partner specifically.Recognizing the problem is essential to solving it.So, how do you handle you become less needy and clingy with your partner?

If you are always around, always available, and you schedule your life around your partner all the time, this means that no effort is required to please you or to be loved by you.This applies to just about any aspect of life, and dating is not an exception of course.Remind yourself about the effects of clinginess, and monitor your own behavior, making sure that you don’t impose on your partner’s personal life beyond reason.This doesn’t mean that you have to take your work life to the extreme and stay at the office till midnight or not returning his/her calls.It simply means that you should not abandon your plans and goals on the account of your relationship as the above should complement each other rather than be each other’s obstacles.

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You are being extremely nice, excessively accommodating and very careful with your partner.

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  1. She takes the time to make sure things are being done the way you want, doesn`t milk it for anything more than that."//

  2. ” This led 43-year-old Sanaa Lathan to remark, “I don’t talk about my personal life. I’m dating…” Big Boy was rather buoyed by this remark, which led him to ask, “Well you just talked about your personal life, there it is.