Strippers free chat lines phone number

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Strippers free chat lines phone number

Working in a table-dancing club is by no means as dangerous as working as a prostitute.But sex workers do not just need protection from being killed or raped.Clare Rudebeck talks to table dancers at a London club and asks them how it's affected their lives "I love my job. "I was sick of being stuck in dead-end retail jobs, earning bad money.

Twirling around the spotlit pole, she undoes her dress so that her top half is naked.

With its poles, low lights and embarrassed early-evening clientele, Majingo's looks like any other table-dancing club.

However, it is one of only three British clubs to have recognised a trade union.

Sex workers won the right to become members of the GMB last year.

Since then, 150 prostitutes, escorts, strippers, chat-line operators, sex-shop assistants, table dancers, porn stars and glamour models have joined.

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