Two month dating anniversary ideas sex dating in carthage new york

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So for next year, we have decided to go for a hot air balloon ride.

Yes, it’s expensive, but we are planning ahead to spend a little more next year since it will be a milestone year.

End the evening snuggling on the couch, watching the first movie you saw together.

My first date with my husband was at a fast food sandwich restaurant, followed by stargazing.

For those of you who are really ambitious, try recreating your wedding cake.

If you are not married and celebrating a dating anniversary, try to cook what you ate on your first date.

Your anniversary is a great opportunity to remember that special day, so dust off that wedding DVD and watch highlights together.

(Sure, a trip to the wine country sounds perfect; but is it worth refinancing your home and mortgage to finance this?Make a list of some of your favorite places around town, load up your camera, and have your own photo shoot!Go to places that hold special meaning to you and your significant other.Since then, the restaurant has shut down, and the place where we went stargazing is no longer accessible.Perhaps the biggest obstacle is that we now live 500 miles from where we first met and dated!

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Try to recreate your first married meal with your spouse.

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