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Se un libro letto è una notte d'amore in meno, che almeno ne valga la pena...

Book on CD performed by Maria Conchita Alonso Malinalli was a Native woman from Tabasco, who was given as a slave to the conquering Spaniards.

Her ability to speak Spanish as well as two native languages – Mayan and Nahuatl – brought her to the attention of Hernan Cortes, and eventually she became his mistress and bore him a son.

For centuries, she has been reviled as a traitor for her role in helping the Spaniards conquer the Aztec empire, but more recent research has pointed to a more complex reality.

My mother actually shrieked – yelped – at the first sighting of full frontal nudity.

Then she spent the remainder of the film alternately jumping, yelping, and ordering me to cover my eyes.

And yet, her Malinalli is a real woman, with conflicting desires; a woman who loves or hates, feels pain and joy, and does her best to survive with her dignity and integrity intact.

Maria Conchita Alonso deserves five stars for her performance of the audiobook.

It reminds me of the oral story traditions of my grandparents.I asked my Spanish teacher why the reference because I had some idea but wasn’t fully in the concept. He just smiled and explained because to make hot chocolate, to be added to the chocolate, the water must be boiling.In Mexico, hot chocolate is usually made with water, not milk. It’s such a vivid and sensational way to describe a sensual state of being.To this day, I can still get a reaction from her by the mere mention of the title of the film., or Like Water for Chocolate is a euphemism to describe someone in a rapturous state.

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The woman is still traumatized so many years later.

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